Master The Game

Together with Cooler Master we give away a fantastic prize every month to one of our community members and participating is easy. Just follow the steps in the module below and you're in, easy as pie! Make sure to check out the repeatable steps for even more chances at winning.

Master The Game - kcNL

Trading Cards

Every month we work with Azerty or Cooler Master to give away awesome prizes. You can win these by completing the Trading Card set first on the Trading Cards page.

How do I participate?

When you attend the stream you automatically collect duckies. With !key you can claim a card pack for 150 duckies of which you'll receive a code through DM. You can then redeem the code on the Trading Cards page. The first to complete the card set in a month, wins the prize

Related commands
  • !duckies to see your duckies balance
  • !key to claim a card pack


We have been given seven real life, actual, stone cold diamonds (with certificate of authenticity) to be given away amongst our viewers with a value between €180,- up to a whopping €580,-! This giveaway will be triggered by reaching certain 'average viewer' goals.

How do I participate?

Easy! All you have to do is attend the stream. By attending the stream you receive raffle tickets (lootjes), by chatting, actively supporting the stream and more you receive raffle tickets even faster. More tickets means more chance at winning one of the diamonds when the giveaway is triggered.

Related commands
  • !lootjes to see your current amount of raffle tickets